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"MAP's is a Total Win, Win business. The Members Earn, The Advertising Works, and The Company is a class act. All I can say is WOW!"
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  • MAP's is a Total Win, Win business. The Members Earn, The Advertising Works, and The Company is a class act. All I can say is WOW!
  • I am so pleased I found my advertising pays ,where I can earn without selling and sponsoring. i have very little computer knowledge and I can do it,ev
  • This is the straightest, most promising programme I have ever encountered in my search for online income. I am so impressed by MAP's integrity and foc
  • MAPs is liberating all our wonderful members from the gross injustices of wealth and income inequality. Thank you Mike Deese.
  • I began slowly but am now picking up speed. The project is excellent and made to last. The management and support go all out to help. The FB page is l
  • MAP business has changed my life . The first two weeks I started , I made $220 on my business that I promote . Today I now have 131 adpacks earning me
  • I have been in MAP now for just over 3 months and can honestly say that the advertising never fails to surprise me, I have now had over 130 optins and
  • Well, MAP is a DREAM PLACE :) I am a newbie :) Started 9 weeks ago with 71CP and I just passed $10,500.00 with MAPS only + Sold ClickBank and other p
  • At first I didn't get it.. was TOO busy with other things..got frustrated. Oh my gosh.. I am SO excited about MAPS now and feeling so blessed to be h
  • Well it does work and it does pay we have a few slight issues but who does not, for a new company the writing on the wall says Join Now.In a years tim
  • This HAS to be the biz op of the Century. The site is awesome, the Support better than amazing & we are all earning money. Thank you for this opportun
  • Great System, I really earn money. But, do me a favour: buy more server-power!!!
  • Joined MAP with Steve Dawson to earn money, Steve is good at finding real EARNERS. 30 Days in my $100 earned 1YRS Fees, then EARNING with ADS began,
  • The response team that handles the tickets, are the best customer service that I have seen with a online business EVER. That is a major sign of a good
  • I am amazed at how traffic has increased to my website ....and targeted traffic ! Without it, your business won't survive for long. I am so plea
  • If you told me 7 weeks ago when I joined MAP, that I will make $2,600.00 just from ClickBank and also get paid for this?? I wouldn't believe it. Plus
  • What more could we ask for?.we make money on our credit packs, for just 10 minutes of our time a day looking at hugely interesting ads!, we use our cr
  • I'm very impressed with quick and professional way support respond to many queries you may have Great company and looking forward to the future
  • Loving this opportunity to promote my extra businesses and get some profits, our advertising pays is working for my friends, family and myself, and be
  • Reply in a few minutes??From executive team's member and from the Owner Michael Deese? How cool is that!!! Unreal good and effective support!Very very
  • Amazing Traffic Exchange Plattform! Before a few days,i assigned all my remaining credits in order to advertise a new Site for Entrepreneurs(Neurs). I
  • hai this company is best company i india
  • Just wanted to say how thrilled I am with MAPS. I have been able to grow my advertising products to 90 packs. I paid for 20 and repurchased the rest
  • Amazing results with a two days free banner.Got about 8 leads in 1.5 day and i believe more are coming.All high targeted leads which means 100% buyers
  • From the very first week I was amazed with the advertising,and I am still getting great results. 48 sign ups to other opps and 28 sales all togethe
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  Mike comes from a long line of successful business men and women, and is a Disabled United States Air Force Veteran who spent years looking for a real no BS Internet income model that can create a secure, reliable, and solid income.  In a sea of scams and empty promises, My Advertising Pays is the definitive online advertising system created by Mike and his team of experienced marketers, mathematicians and engineers to create a true Internet Income System.  Mike’s Passion is to help people find and unlock their true income potential by plugging them into the right money-making systems.


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